Portrait of Andrew Rowley

Andrew Rowley

University of Manchester

Andrew Rowley is a Senior Research Software Engineer working at the University of Manchester in the UK, where he has been part of the SpiNNaker software development team since 2014, taking the role early in the Ramp-Up Phase of the Human Brain Project. Andrew graduated from St. Andrews University with a BSc in Computer Science and Physics and a PhD in Computer Science studying Artificial Intelligence. He then joined the University of Manchester as a Software Engineer in 2009, before working as a Senior Software Engineer at the National Centre for Text Mining also in the University. His work is in leading the SpiNNaker software team in the development of all parts of the software, including the low-level light-weight “operating system”, the SpiNNaker C code that compiles into instruction code that runs on the machine, the Python and Java code that translates user scripts into executable networks, and the software that allows users to access the machine remotely. He also likes to help researchers execute their neural network simulations on SpiNNaker, and has been involved in various tasks to this end, including the first verified execution of a cortical microcircuit on a neuromorphic platform.

: HBP work in AI and technology