Portrait of Ida Aasebo

Ida Aasebo

University of Oslo

Ida Aasebø, PhD, is a neuroscientist and Curation team leader of the Data and Knowledge Services of EBRAINS. Her background consists of 12 years in various subdisciplines of neuroscience, with an emphasis on electrophysiology, memory and behavioral states in rodents. Her MSc in neuroscience was conducted at the Kavli Institute of Systems Neuroscience, NTNU in Trondheim, and her PhD in neuroscience was completed at the Centre for Integrative Neuroplasticity (CINPLA) at the University of Oslo, under the supervision of Prof. Marianne Fyhn, Prof. Torkel Hafting and Prof. Gaute Einevoll. She is now a scientist in Prof. Jan Bjaalies group and has been in the role of Curation team leader in HBP / EBRAINS for just short of 2 years, where she manages and oversees the developments of tools and workflows for the EBRAINS Curation team.

: Data, Atlas & Simulation