Portrait of Marja-Leena Linne

Marja-Leena Linne

University of Tampere

Marja-Leena Linne is an engineer and neuroscientist with over 25 years of experience in electrophysiology and computational modeling of neural and brain signals. She is leading Computational Neuroscience Group at Tampere University in Finland where she works in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (Group: https://research.tuni.fi/computational-neuroscience/). The focus of her research is on deciphering the roles of glial cells in synapses and neuronal circuits as well as in brain signals recorded from humans in health and disease. Prof. Linne is a core member of EU FET Flagship Human Brain Project (HBP) where she worked as Vice Leader of theoretical neuroscience division to empower innovations in Europe in the intersection of neuroscience, computing, and engineering.

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