Portrait of Simisola Akintoye

Simisola Akintoye

De Montfort University

Dr Simisola Akintoye is the Data Protection Officer for the European Union Future and Emerging Technologies Human Brain Project where she is the Task lead for Compliance, data Protection, data governance and data maanagement. Simi is an international privacy practitioner, data protection consultant and senior lecturer in law at De Montfort University Centre for Law, Justice and Society. Simi has broad research interests in legal and ethical complicance of organisations with applicable laws. Her work involves continuous, up-to-date collaborative research in privacy, ethics and responsiblity. As a legal expert, Simi regularly sits on panels involved in critical dialogues both at national and international levels that explores issues around balancing the competing interests of research and innovation with privacy and data protection.

Simi is a member of the European AI Alliance and part of the EU-AU Digital Economy Taskforce. Her current research investigates the changing role of Africa’s emerging digital transformation. She is currently a co-chair of AI Policy in Africa at De Montfort University Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility.

: Data, Atlas & Simulation